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Kigurumi Links

Zephiergirls wonderful kigurumi site. Many cute photos.

Super cute photos of Shinobu from Love Hina. 

  Double Exposure.  Very well done mask. A very cool site.

  Yet another wonderful site! I love the photos here.

I love this site! The photos of Lum-chan are simply wonderful.

Saki A very cute mask. This mask was featured on the Dollhouse site.

  A wonderful site filled with super cute photos of Love Hina characters.

  One of my most favorite sites. Natsuki does a wonderful super cute kigurumi of Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon and Naru from Love Hina.  A must visit.

  This is another of my most favorite sites. Neko is a dear friend and has a site filled with super cute kigurumi costumes from many series. 

  Sabrina Online.

This is a site filled with many cute photos. The feature character is Sailor Saturn. Sabrina also has a super cute kigurumi of Belldandy from Ah My Goddess. 

  Dollers Station 2000 Super cool kigurumi pics of Asuka, Shinji from Eva, and Sakura and Li from Card Captor Sakura.

  Second Face site. Super cool pictures of Misato and characters from Sakura Wars. Also check out the Misato photos.

  Here is another cool site. Tanya has some very cute photos. The mask is from Sigma. The character is Matoko from Love Hina.

  Miho and Katsumi's website.

  Another cool site with many good pictures. 




Other sites, costumes and masks.

A awesome shop in Japan that sells anime and school uniforms at very reasonable prices. And the best thing is they will ship anywhere. 

   Dolphin Workshop, a super cool that also makes masks! I have a mask from them and the quality is first rate. I would highly recommend them as a source for a msak. 

  This is a very cool place to have that special custom costume made. They made my wonderful Sailor Jupiter costume and can make that special costume for you too. Check them out!

  The Female Mask Homepage is another site in the US for masking.

ROWANS PUPPET STAGE   This is a  friend interested in kigurumi and masked cosplay. A cool site.

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